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Layby a Trampoline Online for Christmas

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Thinking about Christmas already? I know, it might seem a bit early, but bare with me! As we cosy up in winter, the idea of Christmas might feel distant. Yet, taking a moment to plan ahead, especially for those bigger-ticket items, could be a game-changer for your budget. So, imagine this: a quality rectangle trampoline, the ultimate surprise for your kids, all set up and ready to go under the tree. Outside of course!

Now, I understand if you're raising an eyebrow at the concept of online layby. But trust me, it's a financial superhero in disguise. It's your secret weapon to ensure the joy of Christmas without any budget-busting stress. And guess what? We've got your back!

Let me introduce you to our 6-month layby option for trampolines. Yep, you read that right. Six whole months to spread out those payments and keep your wallet happy. We've got an incredible selection of GeeTramp trampolines.

Here's how a GeeTramp Layby works:

  1. To kick things off, a 20% initial deposit is all it takes (shipping not included, just the trampoline and any accessories).

  2. Enjoy the flexibility of regular or irregular payments through credit card, PayPal, or bank EFT. You can even switch between these options to let family and friends chip in.

  3. After final payment arrange with your stockist for delivery or pickup.

  4. Got your heart set on having the trampoline even before it's fully paid off? Enter "Zip" or Afterpay, our deliver-now-pay-later superheroes. Just choose them during checkout and enjoy the early bounce!

Curious about how to dive into this trampoline layby adventure? It's a breeze:

For our stockist in Victoria - Web and Warehouse

  1. Add your dream GeeTramp trampoline and any extra accessories to your cart.

  2. Register at checkout to get your password for future payments. (unfortunately, it won't show on guest checkouts).

  3. Select "Layby" as your payment option for a cosy 6-month term.

  4. To kick things off, a 20% initial deposit is all it takes (shipping not included, just the trampoline and any extras).

  5. Pay more than the 20% minimum deposit if you wish – customize it to your comfort.

  6. Pick up your trampoline at our Geelong office and warehouse from mid-October until 3 pm Saturday 23rd December 2023 (we will be closed Christmas Eve)

  7. For T&Cs on the layby service start your GeeTramp Layby here.

For our stockist in Western Australia - Instant Fun

  1. Layby and Instalment Payments are available but you do need to online message them to contact you to process.

  2. You can contact Instant fun here.

Ready to bounce into a stress-free holiday season? Once your layby is all paid up, give your stockist a call or message to arrange delivery. The earlier, the merrier, to ensure a seamless festive experience.

Of course, questions are natural. Feel free to call either stockist or drop us a message.

We're here to help you make this Christmas magical, hassle-free, and oh-so-budget-friendly. For more tips on choosing the perfect trampoline for your family, keep scrolling the blog or call us.

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