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Elevate Your Bounce: Understanding the Benefits of High Bounce Mats

What distinguishes a high bounce trampoline mat from a standard mat?

A high bounce mat, in comparison to its standard counterpart, facilitates:

  • Attainment of higher bounce heights.

  • Achievement of equivalent heights with reduced effort.

  • Prolonged jumping sessions with the same level of exertion.

Characterized by heavy-duty construction, high strength, and exceptional bounce, this specialized mat is exclusively compatible with GeeTramp rectangle trampolines, available in sizes 8x12ft, 9x14ft, 10x17ft, and 14x16ft.

Crafted from the world-leading Tencate™ Permatron® Trampoline mat, a product of a reputable USA-based company, the mat features a black woven polypropylene mesh akin to the material supplied with standard mats. This composition ensures long-term durability for outdoor use.

Distinguished by a unique weave and tension, the high bounce mat boasts an

anti-graze finish, promoting a less abrasive experience. The thermally interlocked fibers contribute to a smooth and stable response to constant flexing.

The mat includes hooks for spring attachment and is designed for compatibility with standard and Heavy Duty springs, with the latter requiring a change in diameter for optimal bounce in the 10x17ft and 14x16ft sizes.

Extensive control testing, utilizing static test weights of 50kg, 65kg, and 75kg, reveals significant benefits to users.

On average, the high bounce mat results in increased bounce heights of:

8x12ft: 25-30%

9x14ft: 20-25%

10x17ft: 15-20% (requires a switch to HD springs)

14x16ft: 10-15% (requires a switch to HD springs)

The high bounce mat introduces a material distinction with its unique weave, allowing enhanced airflow. Improved airflow translates to a more responsive and elevated bounce. All our trampoline mats utilize TenCate Permatron® material, known for its strength, durability, and high UV resistance.

While visually similar to standard mats when observed side by side, standing on the high bounce mat provides a clear distinction, allowing for a view through the mat. This subtle visual difference underscores the mat's enhanced performance.

Trampolines, especially those equipped with high bounce mats, offer numerous benefits for children, promoting outdoor activity, physical fitness, and creative play. The enhanced bounce contributes to prolonged use, resulting in stronger, fitter individuals who may experience improved sleep and academic performance.

The primary beneficiaries of high bounce mats include all individuals seeking an easier and more responsive bounce.

Those engaged in acrobatics, such as flips, benefit from the increased height, providing additional time for maneuvers. While children under nine may exhibit varying awareness of the mat's differences, those over nine years old tend to discern the distinction more readily.

Customer preferences indicate that, for the 8x12ft, approximately 70% choose the high bounce mat.

This percentage increases to about 75% for the 9x14ft and further to about 80% for the 10x17ft and 14x16ft.

Factors such as age, weight, and specific activities influence the selection of mat and spring options.

Notably, the benefits of a high bounce mat on a round trampoline are marginal, with a maximum improvement of 5%, rendering it less justifiable for market development.

For further inquiries or clarifications, please contact us at 03 52921100 or through messaging. Additional articles related to trampoline mats and bounce can be found below.

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