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About Us

Meet our Team at GeeTramp®.
The friendly faces behind premium service & products.



CEO & Bounce Expert



Customer Support & Bounce Expert



General Manger







Customer Support & Bounce Expert



Product Photographer

Our People

We are a family business with a clear focus to be open and honest when selling any of our trampolines.

We share all the pros and cons so you are making a fully informed decision. We will never oversell.

Over the 12+ years, we have grown into a solid team, strong warehouse guys and lovely office girls to take you through the before and after sales help. 

Treating you as we would like to be treated we engage in respectful clear communication and high-quality service; be it in store, on the phone or via any online means of communication. 

Rebranding -  GEE TRAMP®

In September 2017 - GeeTramp® was launched, derived from"Web and Warehouse" our business name. We have been providing trampolines into the Australian market since 2006. 

The Web and Warehouse name was originally designed to be a distributing company; with an online, "web" and physical "warehouse" presence.


Originally our trampoline range was quite generic with common retail chain characteristics so we didn’t see the need to give our trampolines a brand name. The trampolines were simply sold as a “round” or “rectangle” trampolines. However over time with continuous modifications to improve the performance and life of the trampolines, our trampolines gained a notable difference in the marketplace and our customers proudly started referring to their trampoline as a “Web and Warehouse” trampoline. So, it was time to come up with a name for our distinct trampoline range.



The name GeeTramp® is derived from our hometown Geelong and the descriptive name; Garden Trampoline, given to domestic trampolines and commonly referred to as Gtramps by kids.



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