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Discover the Perfect Gymnastics Trampoline to Elevate Your Childs Skills at Home in Australia

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

At GeeTramp, we understand that practice is key to honing your gymnastic prowess. Whether you're a junior gymnast, or an aspiring cheerleader, GeeTramp has the perfect trampoline for you. Each trampoline is a testament to quality, safety, and performance.

GeeTramp gymnastics trampolines are tailored to meet your needs. With our friendly and knowledgeable staff, you can buy your gymnastics trampoline online or visit our Geelong stockist to test before you invest.

Gymnast on Rectangle Trampoline

Experience Unparalleled Bounce and Precision at home:

  • Gymnastics Trampoline Australia wide delivery

  • GeeTramp trampolines feature the USA Tencate brand outdoor black mat for durability.

  • Choose from 3 varying bounce options from standard to the High Bounce mat option with slightly more open weave for enhanced bounce and less fatigue.

  • Add Australian Galvanized springs for the most responsive bounce and efficient energy transfer.

  • Unique frame design ensures a responsive and propelling lift.

  • Solid, thick industrial graded steel frames for durability and stability.

Professional Gymnastic Trampolines – Unleash Your Potential Today

Ready to take your gymnastic journey to new heights? Explore our range of trampolines designed to accommodate various skill levels and styles.

Choose Your Childs Perfect Gymnastics Trampoline Australia : – Unleash their Potential!

Mini GeeTramp Trampoline

1. Portable Mini Trampoline – Your Gateway to Tumbling and Acrobatics

  • Ideal for tumbling, vaulting, acrobatics, and even parkour.

  • Compact yet powerful: perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

  • GeeTramp® mini-gymnastics vault trampoline, designed in consultation with GTramp & Parkour communities.

  • Sturdy powder-coated frame

  • Lightweight and portable, it's your on-the-go training partner.

GeeTramp Sting Pro Gymnastics Trampoline Australia

2. 9x14ft String Pro Trampoline – Elevate Your Bounce

  • Crafted for an amazing, smooth bounce experience.

  • Designed for inground installation, offering unparalleled stability.

  • Net enclosure option arriving soon in 2024 for added safety.

  • Handwoven mat designed for superior airflow and optimal bounce.

  • Sturdy construction ensures durability and performance.

  • Unique 9x14ft Gymnastics Trampoline in Australia

9x14ft GeeTramp Trampoline

3. 9x14ft Trampoline – The Ultimate Height Experience

  • Perfect for juniors, lightweights, and height enthusiasts.

  • Provides a safe and strong net enclosure for added confidence.

  • Option for a "high bounce" mat to enhance your performance.

  • Lightweight design and easy assembly for any gymnastic enthusiast.

  • Ideal for parkour, water skiing, snowboarding, and more.


10x17ft Olympic Trampoline – Space for Advanced Moves

  • Ideal for early teens seeking spacious trampoline space.

  • Enhanced frame design and sturdy build for multi-flips and round outs.

  • Option for "high bounce" mat to elevate your performance.

  • A solid choice for gymnasts aiming to refine their skills.


14x16ft Cheerleaders Trampoline – Room to Excel

  • Perfect for families with a lot of active teens.

  • Offers ample space for floor routine practice and teamwork.

  • Option for "high bounce" mat for maximum bounce efficiency.

  • Great for cheerleading, parkour, and team ball games.


Take the Leap – Elevate Your Gymnastics Game with GeeTramp

Unveil a new era of home gymnastics training with our meticulously crafted trampolines. Choose the trampoline that resonates with your goals and style and get ready to achieve impressive heights.

Visit our Geelong Stockist or explore our online options to start your gymnastics journey today.

Don't let limitations hold you back – with a gymnastics trampoline from GeeTramp, the sky's the limit!

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