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Trampolines with Bounce

The GeeTramp® 

The GeeTramp® range is  designed to a be a robust, high quality domestic use trampoline, with a responsive bounce.

Manufactured with proven high-quality materials to tolerate and endure the Australian harsh environments.  
Each size of the GeeTramp® Trampoline range has been fully certified with Australian Standard certification AS 4849-2015 Trampoline Safety Aspects (the latest and toughest trampoline standards in the world).


Why GeeTramp®?

The name GeeTramp® is derived from our home town “Geelong, and the descriptive name – “Garden Trampoline”, given to domestic trampolines and commonly referred to as Gtramps by kids.


Key Characteristics of a GeeTramp®

A GeeTramp® embodies all that families want and expect from a quality trampoline.

  • Choice of sizes

  • Safety

  • Spacious

  • Strong frames

  • Affordable and high quality

  • UV tolerant materials

  • Durability for ongoing domestic use

  • Responsive bounce mat and springs

  • Availability of affordable and quality parts

  • Reputable warranty

  • Honest customer support

  • Kids who want to keep using their GeeTramp®

Contact us

03 5292 1100

Headquarters: Web and Warehouse

6/80-84 Tucker St
Breakwater, 3219

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