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We have learnt a good bounce can only be achieved with a strong structure.

You will find here; a desirable domestic trampoline, based on materials, strength, safety, bounce and affordability.

Every size certified to meet and exceed Australian Standards 2015.

If you're unsure of what size you want, we'll cheerfully give you the "pros and cons" of sizes with your family in mind, and from that, it will be easy to know which GeeTramp is right for you.

When bounce matters 

GeeTramp rectangle trampolines have earned the reputation from kids for the most reliable and responsive bounce.

Kids who train for sports or go to trampoline parks; a rectangle trampoline is their first choice; to have at home to further hone their skills.

 "OMG – I love my trampoline so much, always race out after school to go and flip on it. Super bouncy and safe, would be perfect for any children or family. Bonus my friends love it toooo." @lulucaprice 9x14ft

All Spare Parts Available

GeeTramp trampolines have a ready supply of spare parts available, round and rectangle mats, pads, nets, springs and fittings. 

Made to the same specifications as on our trampolines. Any design improvements to materials or finish are carried over to spare parts of earlier models where possible.

Our parts often retro fit onto other brands  

" and It looks a better design than our original net. Thank you" Brett Collins 

 "Seems to be more robust than my last one" Mark Munoch

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