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How To Tie A Trampoline Down For High Winds

Trampolines, with their expansive mat surfaces, padding, and safety nets, can easily become airborne during strong winds, turning into potential flying hazards. Anchoring your trampoline securely is essential to prevent it from being blown away and causing damage to your property or neighborhood.

Understanding the Risks

With the strong winds common in Australia, a trampoline can travel a considerable distance if not properly secured, posing risks to guttering, other play equipment, pool fences, garden beds, cars, and more. Safety nets, while crucial for injury prevention, can act like sails, exacerbating the problem by allowing wind to lift and propel the trampoline.

The Need for Strong Anchoring

Flimsy anchor kits won’t suffice in the face of Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Instead, you need durable metal droppers. For firm soils, 400-500mm droppers are adequate, but for loose soils, opt for longer ones. You’ll also need safety caps and trailer ratchet straps—typically four sets for any trampoline size.

Steps to Anchor Your Trampoline 1. Check for Underground Utilities: Before starting, ensure there is no water, gas, sewage pipes, or cables underground to avoid damaging them.

2. Attach the Straps: Secure the strap to the end of each dropper. Clips can be helpful here, fitting into the dropper holes for easy removal when necessary. Ensure the dropper holes are the right size, as drilling bigger holes after the dropper is in the ground is difficult.

3. Position and Drive the Droppers: Place the dropper inside the trampoline frame, approximately 4cm away, and drive it into the ground at an angle. It should be driven deep enough so only the top is above ground level.

4. Secure the Ratchet Straps: Attach the ratchet strap from the top of the frame down to the top of the dropper. Repeat for all droppers, placing them symmetrically around the trampoline.

Be Prepared Remember, once the wind starts, it’s too late to start anchoring. Ensure your trampoline is secured well in advance to prevent any mishaps. Finally Properly anchoring your trampoline not only protects your trampoline but also ensures the safety of your surrounding infrastructure.

With GeeTramp’s wind anchor kits, you can have peace of mind knowing your trampoline is securely fastened, ready to withstand even the strongest winds. Don’t wait for the next storm—secure your trampoline today!

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