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GeeTramp Display a Trampolinists Wonderland

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Welcoming you to a GeeTramp display near you. Get ready to be amazed by the incredible journey that awaits you as you step into the world of trampolining excellence. Where you will see the difference, compare the bounces and feel the quality.

GeeTramp Display Locations Australia

At GeeTramp, we're passionate about making your experience truly extraordinary. Our top-notch trampolines are crafted to elevate your skills and bring out the best in every bounce.

Whether you're a seasoned jumper or just starting your trampolining adventure, our range of products is designed to cater to all ages and skill levels.

GeeTramp trampolines offer not just pure fun but also a path to building strength, coordination, and confidence. It's not just about jumping; it's about unleashing your potential and discovering the joy of pushing your limits in a range of sporting disciplines, eg - Gymnastics, Parkour, BMX, Board Sports, Cheerleading, Diving and more.

Join the community of GeeTramp enthusiasts who have found a source of boundless energy, creativity, and friendship. Your GeeTramp is not just a trampoline; it's a portal to a world of endless excitement and possibilities.

So why wait? Come on over and explore the wonderland of GeeTramp. Whether you're looking for a fun family activity or a new way to stay fit, we've got the perfect trampoline for you. Embrace the thrill of the bounce, share the laughter, and create unforgettable memories.

Don't miss out on this exhilarating experience! Visit a GeeTramp Display now and let the adventure begin!

GeeTramp Trampoline Display Geelong - Australia

Victorian Display

Our main GeeTramp display is hosted by our #1 Stockist Web and Warehouse - Where the team is very experienced and confident to take care of you in store.

Geelong - 75km from Melbourne - 80-84 Tucker St Breakwater 3219 Vic 03 52921100

New South Wales Displays

Byron Bay and Homebush are two sites managed by Circusarts Australia. They have one GeeTramp trampoline only at each site. To arrange a visit call Belinda on (02) 6685 6566

Homebush, Sydney - 10x17ft at Homebush Aquatic Centre - outside in Circus Arts Australia arena - open on Sat and Sun 10-4pm (and school holidays)

Byron Bay NSW - 9x14ft trampoline - at Circus Arts Australia - 17 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay, NSW 2481

Can't get to Geelong, Homebush or Byron Bay?

If you are unable to visit a location call our major stockist "Web and Warehouse" who after many years, serving thousands of families, observing and listening to their feedback are well informed to give someone who is anywhere in Australia the confidence to discuss their families needs and advise them on what their kids would choose for them to buy if they came into the Geelong GeeTramp Display. 03 52921100

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