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Durability of GeeTramp Trampolines near the beach

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

GeeTramp® Trampolines have been a trusted brand in Australia for almost 16 years with many coastal customers recommending them to their friends and neighbours.

Main Frame Pieces

  • The Galvanized finish provides long-term protection

  • Optional black powder coated galvanized frames (Black Edition) available provides another layer of protection against rust

  • We have had very little recorded problems regarding rust to main frame components

  • GeeTramp frames are 2-2.5mm thick (depending on size) and 50-60mm in diameter (depending on size)

  • We have customers who are ordering new parts after 10+ years in coastal areas.


Gold Finish Spring

  • Gold finish springs (on standard and high bounce models) can last up to 7 years in coastal areas.

  • Australian Galvanized spring option for larger 3 rectangle trampolines (9x14ft, 10x17ft, 14x16ft) are also beneficial in coastal areas for longevity.

  • Australian Galvanized springs have longer life protection than gold springs for rust.

  • The Australia Galvanised springs do cost more up front however you may be replacing springs more regularly with the Gold finish springs.

  • The trade-off is that gold springs are cheaper but have a shorter lifespan

Australian Galvanised Spring

Mat Triangles

  • Our mat triangles have the same finish as gold springs, but may be the quickest item to rust on your trampoline.

  • Moisture can get trapped between the black material tab and the steel triangle causing higher rates of rusting.

  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel would last longer however it is not available due to high costs.

  • You can minimize rust by squirting oil into the mat tabs from time to time.

  • You can find that replacing your jumping mat is easier if many triangles rust out, as the triangles are difficult and time consuming to replace.

  • Our replacement triangles are available in packs of 10 from our Web & Warehouse Stockist.

General Comment on Salt Air near the Beach:

Living close to the sea means items may need to be replaced more regularly or upgraded to marine grade materials. GeeTramp Trampoline components provide a good compromise, better than the standard trampoline but not marine grade or marine grade cost.

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